anton4442020-08-09 15:54:03
Partnership programs
anton444, 2020-08-09 15:54:03

Affiliate to the site: where to start?

I want to make an affiliate program for the site. The algorithm is thought out and I understand how to implement it.
But I do not know how to attract partners to the site.
Tell me, are there any forums, maybe VK groups or SEO sites where I could find partners?

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Daniel, 2021-09-22

In order to launch an affiliate program from scratch, it is most logical to go to CPA networks. We have a lot of them, the most popular ones are Admitad, Otclick, CityAds, CPAExchange. There are also agencies that are engaged in maintaining the CPA channel on a turnkey basis.
Entry into CPA does not require astronomical budgets at the start. The main thing is to come up with a good offer and clearly define the rules for attracting traffic for partners. The only thing, in order not to waste money, is to immediately think about how to monitor the purity of traffic, because scammers are a frequent occurrence in affiliate programs. If this is neglected, it may happen that partners will sell you your own organic traffic and traffic from other sources. It is better to monitor with the help of independent services that specialize purely in traffic verification, for example, Admon. Trusting traffic filtering to a CPA agency or the network itself is not a good idea because of a conflict of interest - often payments to them are tied to the volume of traffic, which is unprofitable to reduce (filtering dirty).

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