Anatoly2020-03-22 14:06:25
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Anatoly, 2020-03-22 14:06:25

Affiliate programs for lawyers (a question for lawyers, not webmasters)?

Someone worked with affiliate programs, such as lydia, lexprofit, lawyer, sovinformburo, ...?
Can you briefly describe the principle of monetization of such clients, let's say there is a client with a phone and a problem.
Is there an answer to the question, how to get money from him?
In affiliate programs, the city from which the appeal was made is indicated. Why is it needed, because communication by phone, or the client needs to be invited to the office?

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CityCat4, 2020-03-23

because talking on the phone

I wonder how you look at the original documents by phone. In addition, not all things can and should be said over the phone.

Legal Adviser, 2020-03-23

As a professional lawyer, it is enough for me to ask a few questions to identify the problem. Further, in 99/100 cases, you need to look at the documents. Jurisprudence is like medicine, you can talk, but it is better to see in order to eliminate the disease. Monetization may be a good thing, but not in these areas.

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