Konstantin Basarab2017-02-22 15:51:36
Konstantin Basarab, 2017-02-22 15:51:36

Affiliate for the E-mail mailing form - how to do it?

Let me explain the essence of the issue:
There is a landing page with a subscription form
Through an affiliate link, a visitor enters this landing page, subscribes, receives a number of letters and an offer to purchase goods.
If a visitor bought a product, then the partner is charged % of the purchase
. How to implement it? Are there ready-made online services or scripts?

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Dmitry Ivanov, 2017-02-22

And how do you understand. Which user bought the item?! Did he go to the partner’s site at all or not? Maybe he went a week ago, and then bought it. How will you pay your partner? The only way out is, of course, mail. that is, on the site where he will buy, he will need to register and that he would enter the mail. Then you can track the database. BUT here is a big nuance. A person who left his mail on the partner's website can then indicate another mail when ordering ... As for the implementation, there are hardly any ready ones. It's easier to write it yourself. There's nothing complicated there. The main thing is to decide the question - where does the user come from. If I were you, I would drop in the direction of the browser fingerprint, etc.

Konstantin Basarab, 2017-02-22

I answered one of the questions in "my head" - there are NO ready-made solutions, if there is - then pliz - the next users tell me.
At the expense of implementation, I see it like this
- when a visitor hits a site with a subscription form using an affiliate link - he is registered in the browser localStorage
- then when buying on the same domain, depending on localStorage - an affiliate link is substituted into the payment form
I would like to hear other options for execution,

Dmitry Derbenev, 2017-10-31

Hastily made up, I think you will understand the essence, if you write anything!

Alexander Taratin, 2017-10-30


Pavel Kuzyakin, 2017-10-30


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