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Qkish, 2013-12-18 19:15:05

Aesthetics in design vs. conversion

Recently, many people have hit the conversion. They count indicators, profit, leads, clicks, etc. As a designer, it has become difficult for me to combine aesthetics in design and increase conversion in any way in my head.
For example, when managers think that we are removing the 404 page, but redirecting to the main one, the conversion will be higher. Or, that on "here", "here", etc. you need to hang a link, including all sorts of "Click!", "Press!" etc. It is generally accepted that this will increase the conversion (and, let's say, it does).
But aesthetically, in my opinion, not very nice. This is when not a person is talking to you, but a robot with combat NLP scripts.
However, does aesthetics increase profits? Is it worth it to give up? An open question for me.
Please guide me on the right path, give a higher paradigm, so to speak.

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Antelle, 2013-12-18

It's not entirely clear what you mean by "aesthetics". It is necessary to separate visual aesthetics and ux. You can make an awesome aesthetic thing that you can’t use, and vice versa. There must be some balance (read more in the "design of familiar things").
Definitely, a manager should not get into the work of a designer, programmer, doctor or electrician, believing that he does not understand his profession enough. If someone thinks you are incapable of doing the job, let him go do it himself or find someone he trusts.

Fray, 2013-12-19

everything always depends on whether the game is worth the candle.
if this is just an online store that sells goods , then treat it like a pig in the village, which should gain 200 kg of weight during the spring-summer season and provide meat for six months ahead - feed everything that will ensure maximum weight and quality of meat.
if you are selling a service, then the design is no less important than the service itself, because the site is the first impression of the company. and if the marketer fucking proves that he has drunk discount coupons on the callback page when buying a subscription to services, which will be disguised as a pop-up window of a VKontakte message, this will be a time-trigger, with a report of 15 minutes and an invitingly vibrating red "order" button ... you can safely beat him with an aspen stake in the heart) A service company must keep a face everywhere.
The situation when a client does not recommend your site to friends, although he liked your service, is not so rare due to the fact that your site destroys the whole atmosphere of the user's social media page with its preview.
Well, I still know that ALL service companies live at the expense of regular customers?
Do you do split testing before implementing? Have you ever had a situation where a good design sells 5 pieces at 1000, then a bad design comes along and makes 50 pieces at 100?
that is, they received the money at the same time, they increased the turnover, loaded the purchase, delivery, raised the risk of a return under the guarantee ... in general, the chain is long)

Yuri Lobanov, 2013-12-18

I'll tell you this: if the stats say that a flash banner on the front page with an ugly "fly-buy" slogan increases sales by 5%, then it will be there.
Leave aesthetics for your site. If the site is supposed to sell flour, and not your talent as a designer, then everything that contributes to these sales will be there. No matter how it looks. Don't get me wrong, I'm sick of these sites myself, but the fact remains. Naturally, everything that does not interfere with selling will be asked to comb it: "Here in the lower left corner you can put your installation, whatever it is" :-)

netjet, 2017-01-03

I also encountered this problem, but you can always find a middle ground. Here is an interesting article on the subject. Might be useful. https://nortex.pro/blog/10-sposobov-uvelicheniya-u...

Kroid, 2014-02-17

Aesthetics is a very vague concept. Perhaps only you and a couple of your designer friends understand your aesthetic.
Conversion, on the other hand, can be determined using numbers, which means you can compare 2 designs with each other. Which one is simpler, more familiar, more convenient for making a purchase, and the conversion is higher. Moreover, the decisions are made by the very people for whom the design is created - site visitors.

Rekrun, 2016-06-06

Everything is much simpler, the designer makes websites for clients. That's how he says it should be done. perhaps he will never be able to benefit from his site because he did not listen to an experienced specialist (designer). The main thing here is that no matter how you do it, you always win. And if you are in the black, then you are a successful designer. and praise and honor to you.

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