2011-12-05 14:54:34
, 2011-12-05 14:54:34

AES-128 Mac, encrpytion-decryption

Tell me a utility for encrypting, decrypting the value in AES128 under Mac (you can Win)

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jj_killer, 2011-12-05

Python and Ruby. Starting with OS X 10.7, Java is not installed by default. But the easiest way to do this is with OpenSSL.
openssl enc -aes-128-cbc -salt -in file.txt -out file.enc- we encrypt;
openssl enc -d -aes-128-cbc -in file.enc -out file.txt- decipher.

BreatheInMyVoid, 2011-12-05

Mmm… yes, it is possible to sketch in Java, for example, easily, using the standard components javax.crypto.* In my opinion, Java is preinstalled in poppies, it will work without problems. I even have something similar somewhere, I can reset it if that. Only it can finish it will need to be minimal;)

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