val7372016-04-16 04:12:47
Google Ads
val737, 2016-04-16 04:12:47

adwords. Where can I see which queries have clicks and clicks? How to correctly create an announcement on the subject of computer maintenance?

In the direct, requests that users follow are displayed instantly!
In adwords they are displayed only late in the evening, I will survive this. But where, where to see, for what specific requests they look for announcements??!
As a newbie, as an experiment, I quoted keywords, as a result - an insane number of impressions with a minimum number of transitions. I would like to understand how to correctly submit announcements on my subject, maybe one of the folders will explain in dem. screen for a fee.

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Alexey Denisov, 2016-04-16

Let's try to help you. What exactly are you interested in?
-If specific queries are entered by users, this can be seen on the Search queries tab of the Keywords section.
-Ads in Google Adwords are automatically selected when displayed in an ad group from the set of options you provide based on the highest click-through rate or conversion.
-To better match the ad, you should use a keyword or templates in it.
In your case, the queries are too general and informational, so your ads have a low CTR.

val737, 2016-04-17

Thank you very much! Much more clarity. But technically, how do I narrow down my keywords? Would it be correct to change "computer diagnostics" to "computer diagnostics + minsk + home"?
ps Something is clearing up. At least the fact that adwords is actually a more difficult system to master: blog.htraffic.ru/pitfals-adwords

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