Sergey2016-04-23 12:37:03
Sergey, 2016-04-23 12:37:03

"Advisor" for the site. Where to find the plugin?

Good day!
It is necessary to implement an "adviser" for the site. For example, on the first page, the user selects one position out of two, after which he is given another choice of three or four positions, and so on. Ultimately, according to the logic of his clicks, he is redirected to the desired URL.
I found a plugin with similar functionality , but I just need it in a "text" form.
Can anyone come across? :)

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CrewCut, 2016-04-23

Well, what's so difficult? I made selects, collected answers and sent them to a script that loops through the parameters - you get a link to the product and a redirect with Ajax

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