SergeyGrigorev2010-11-13 16:51:31
Software testing
SergeyGrigorev, 2010-11-13 16:51:31

Advise what to use for testing in C++

Before that, I wrote all the time in C #, used NUnit. I recently started writing in C++, but when I tried to choose a framework for testing, I got confused, there are a lot of them.

Development environment - Visual Studio 2010

I would like the output to be a DLL library, and the tests could be run either individually or all at once. And also run tests during automatic assembly, using tools such as Ant, NAnt or others.

It is desirable to integrate with Visual Studio and the ability to step through the code, see the values ​​of variables, change something.

Please advise on what you can stop at, or what do you use?

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snikulov, 2010-11-26

try winunit.codeplex.com/

beeruser, 2010-11-26

light a candle and pray

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