ChemAli2013-01-25 14:04:08
Do it yourself
ChemAli, 2013-01-25 14:04:08

Advise what can be done with a Chinese mini-camera?

I bought this miracle Yudo: http://www.buysku.com/wholesale/t8000-hd-1080p-mini-camcorder-thumb-dv-camera-recorder-with-night-vision-tf-card-slot-black .html

The problem is that the battery began to run out quickly - in 10-15 minutes, I'm too lazy to change, so I can't use it for its intended purpose. The only purpose that I see for her is a webcam.

Maybe I'm narrowly looking and it will fit something else?

She can take pictures, be a voice recorder and a video camera.

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kaladhara, 2013-01-25

a) give to the poor.
b) use it as a DVR in a car.
c) hang it outside the window and focus on the bird feeder, and in the meantime write software for statistical analysis of the breeds and number of birds in the area.
d) install the door in the stairwell in the peephole and share the video with the neighbors - there will be a kind of intercom / video surveillance.

dlinyj, 2013-01-25

And what prevents you from attaching an additional battery to it?

silvansky, 2013-01-25

You can also participate in the program from Yandex "traffic jams from my window" (or something like that).

koriaf, 2013-01-26

You can make a microscope. There are enough examples.

tokamame, 2013-05-06

hang as a rear view camera on a car

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