Intakto2012-11-14 23:39:14
Intakto, 2012-11-14 23:39:14

Advise voice modem and software for it

The idea is to make calls on an analog telephone line using a computer through headphones with a microphone. In Skype, this is conveniently implemented, one wedge and you can call directly from the site, along the way automatically recording all conversations for history. But Skype costs money. And telephone communication in the office is conditionally free. But you can still play around with sending/receiving faxes electronically!

As far as I understand, this requires purchasing a voice&fax modem and some software for it. Perhaps someone faced a similar problem and can advise specific hardware and software?

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MrCleaner, 2012-11-15

us robotics sportster 33.6 faxmodem + VentaFax + cable for COM1
I have fidosh times along with other rarities.

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