DmitryGushin2011-07-01 17:46:24
DmitryGushin, 2011-07-01 17:46:24

Advise Tsiska

Good afternoon!

I'm more used to communicating with junipers, but they really asked me to look at an analogue from the Tsisk glands in order to decide on what to develop further. Juniper fits EX3200-24T.
Of the functionality, BGP support is critical and that all ports are gigabit. Tell me the current (i.e., which you can buy new, and not at UsedCisco) Cisco model, otherwise I googled only discontinued ones :(

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vgrayster, 2011-07-01

And what tasks are put before the cisco, please describe in more detail.
I so understood the switch is necessary to you, how many routes on it you plan to have in BGP. Other than BGP, are there any other features that matter? MPLS,EoMPLS?
Do you want to put it in the provider network? if so, then the ME3600x may suit you.

unsobill, 2011-07-03

3550 3650 depending on budget

IlyaPodkopaev, 2011-07-03

ask on specialized forums: anti-cisco, certification or opennet

rdntw, 2013-03-22

3750 won't work?

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