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Ruby on Rails
, 2012-08-18 16:32:04

Advise the functionality of the project?

Hello comrades! I began to diligently study the wonderful RubyOnRails framework, and for one of the first test (training) applications, the idea came up to implement Q&A.
Initially, I wanted to make (nowadays a fashionable word) a startup, the idea of ​​which was roughly taken from Pavel Durov, with his Vkontakte technical support. That is, to make a service where hired people really answer ALL adequate and inadequate (in a ridiculous form) questions. But my enthusiasm faded, for lack of time and money to hire people. After thinking, I decided that the project should be completed, only completed in the form of a service with authorization via Twitter, where people can answer each other's questions, and when they receive an answer, a notification will be sent to Twitter.

Actually I have 2 questions:
1. Is there a need for such a service?
2. What can be useful to implement?

All exclusively by JustForFun.

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Vladimir Chernyshev, 2012-08-18

There are already many "popular" answers, both general and more or less specialized. There is a need for expert answers, but experts usually want money for regular work.

FanKiLL, 2012-08-18

In the Russian-speaking segment, there are no analogues (or I have not found) polls for Twitter.
There are not very many of them in the Eng segment either.
As an example of a service - twitpolls.com/polls/create
And QA services, just a bunch, especially after stackexchange.com was fired, only it alone covers almost everything that you can ask a question about, they even have a separate Drupal service :) Not to mention already about Google, Amazon, Yahoo - in general, everyone has QA))
Good luck.

Nikolai Turnaviotov, 2012-08-18

Why make such a fuss, there are mail.ru / google questions that everyone knows, and companies have all sorts of ticket systems.
Unless you try it for yourself, yes.

ATimofeev, 2012-08-19

In addition, after Yandex stopped supporting its service, it’s worth thinking twice about why and why you need it.

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