KEKSOV2013-01-10 07:31:43
KEKSOV, 2013-01-10 07:31:43

Advise store engine for the following requirements

- Multilingual audience
- Ability to apply your own design template
- Multiple payment methods
- Easy import of products (Excel, CSV)
- Automatic publication of specified products on eBay and Amazon, if necessary
- User reviews
- Display the availability of goods in stock
- Ability to provide discounts for specific products
– Providing a progressive discount depending on the amount of the order

Thank you in advance

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kocherman, 2013-01-10

Free - Opencart. Magento can be used to work with large directories.
You may need to customize some modules.

Barmunk, 2013-01-10

prestashop can do it all almost out of the box

unnisjm, 2013-01-10

But with settings, not so fast. It is in good demand.

AlexTest, 2013-01-10

free magento + free m2epro.com module for eBay and Amazon

isden, 2013-01-10

Paid - X-Cart.
There is everything except this:
> If necessary, automatic publication of the specified goods on eBay and Amazon
In principle, you can export products to CSV and drive where you need. Or, modify the Google Base feed.

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