pegas232010-11-20 13:03:02
pegas23, 2010-11-20 13:03:02

Advise PHP Best Practices

My greetings.

Please suggest a small open source project with the aim of learning PHP using the "how the big uncles do it" example. High-quality code (to your taste), OOP (if possible), small volume (do not offer Drupal, WP and other monsters), live community. What would be implemented: sharing access, working with the database, caching using PHP (optional), maybe some other typical tasks. If there is also documentation for developers, it’s generally great. One more wish, most likely, is unrealizable: what would correspond to the latest changes in the language, that is, that the code would be PHP 5.3.

Thank you in advance, comrades. May the Force be with you.

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pegas23, 2010-11-20

Yii has already been recommended a lot. Both here and on LOR'e (not by the night will be remembered) and in other places. Let's see! Thank you.

admin4eg, 2010-11-20

Maybe not the topic, but after getting to know Python and dzhanga, I somehow recall with horror the past years when I wrote on PoHaPe :)
PS I myself have never watched how big uncles do it, it’s more and more interesting to call in battle, that is, to solve a certain problem ... growth it comes by itself... after all, I think it happened to many when you look at your code written 2-3 years ago :)

un1t, 2010-11-20

I recommend to take a look at Yii, it is written using best practices, OOP, patterns and other newfangled things) You can look at the codes of other frameworks (kohana, cakephp, symfony) to your taste. Drupal and WP, ​​although popular, are far from best practices in many ways, although there is undoubtedly something to see there.

Gibbzy, 2010-11-20

"Big Uncles" love ZF

Radder, 2010-11-20

ZF is, to put it mildly, a terrible project as an example, libraries - yes, but not the whole framework, which you will die with 20K online users on the site.
1) An ideal example of proper design is Yii, IMHO. Not only is it superb in itself, with perfect speed, proper design, but it will also teach you how to write correctly.
So I would advise you to use Yii as an example.

un1t, 2010-11-20

ZY, There is also phpactiverecord minimum requirements just php 5.3+

JeanLouis, 2010-11-20

When I worked with forums, I liked the implementation of phpbb3. There is caching, and an interface for working with different databases, and sharing access across unlimited levels. But it seems not very small, but very well structured.

Alexey Shein, 2010-11-20

Well, you can also look at us (Limb framework, sources: https://github.com/limb-php-framework/limb, documentation: wiki.limb-project.com/ , forum: forum.limb-project.com/ ) , I don’t pretend to be “big uncles”, but users say that the quality of the code is good + large test coverage and everything you listed, except for PHP 5.3.
The code is divided into separate packages (with dependencies from each other), each of which can be studied separately.
All developers from Russia and the CIS, if anything - ask on the forum, we will help.

popov1ch, 2017-11-27


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