jarvis2013-11-27 19:57:20
jarvis, 2013-11-27 19:57:20

Advise lightweight content rotator (carousel) for Jquery Mobile application?

Hello! I ask for advice.
The Mobile Jquery application requires a lightweight content rotator.

It is required to support swipes (touch gestures). CSS3 animations were used to transition between slides.

Minimum settings, built-in effects, options.

Already tried
-swipe js
-slide js

Didn't fit. Due to the fact that they lag and slow down, they do not work smoothly enough. (For tests, an android phone of not the highest power was used). I don't really want to write.

I ask for advice from those who can suggest and share a script, a plugin that implements the requested functionality. Thanks for the help.

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jarvis, 2013-12-09

Maybe it will help someone in the future.
I found this one, pretty fast and minimalistic. Finger.js

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