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artemlight, 2012-08-10 14:49:29

Advise environment for development on mssql

In general, due to the nature of the activity, I had to pay very close attention to the sql server version 2005. Most of the “goodies” of SSMS 2012 (autocomplete, for example) simply do not work on this version.

I installed a demo of sql assistant, but I'm still not happy with it - it slowly receives data from distant servers, periodically loses authorization, works crookedly with storages. To compare schemes \ import-export of data, you have to use third-party software. In general, all this is inconvenient and slow.

I put the demo of EMS Sql Manager - I liked everything (there is only a schema diff, but okay). I was upset by the price of almost 17 thousand rubles - almost like the whole sql server. I bribed the possibility of altering the base in cases where SMSS could only offer drop&create.

But somehow I didn’t find anything more sensible. The project is planned to be large, the business logic has been moved to storage - so I want to have version control (ideally - to fasten hg), and a profiler, and analysis of the use of indexes. Well, the price matters - buy at your own expense.

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ilnoor, 2012-08-10

Try RedGate's SQL Toolbelt, specifically SQL Prompt ($195).

Ivan Komarov, 2012-08-10

EMS Sql Manager - there is a free version, the limit on the number of accounts for databases is five.

Fedor, 2012-08-11

EMS trial on a virtual machine for 30 days and a new one. I do it myself

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