outofspace2013-05-28 13:05:47
outofspace, 2013-05-28 13:05:47

advise an archiver with a high degree of protection against hacking when setting a password

it is necessary to sort (os raspbian) to create password-protected archives. I heard earlier that rar is much more difficult to hack than zip, I don’t know about the rest, so I settled on rar.
but the trouble is, on Linux there is only under i386 bin, but there is no source code to compile, as in the case of unrar downloaded
from here

, please advise an alternative archiver with a high degree of protection against hacking

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@sledopit, 2013-05-28

Don't look for harvesters. Press the archiver (tar + gunzip), and then encrypt via gpg (certificate or password).
IMHO, the best way. and no need to use any dubious proprietary.
For reference: a 0.5GB file is encrypted for me ~ in 30 seconds. Unpacking takes 20-25 seconds.

isden, 2013-05-28

If there is openssl, then you can do something like this:

merlin-vrn, 2013-05-28

openssl enc - encrypt any file, tar.xz can also be openedsl
dec - back

Evengard, 2013-05-28

And 7zip, does it have bad encryption algorithms?

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