vkrugoff2012-08-04 17:19:51
vkrugoff, 2012-08-04 17:19:51

Advise a network camera (preferably Wi-Fi) to constantly shoot and collect on the Internet?

It is necessary for a room, ideally with a motion detector, night vision, Wi-Fi, and to automatically add everything to the Internet via Wi-Fi ...

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ilyautkin, 2012-08-04

Try the ivideon service - there are ready-made cameras that you just need to connect via Wi-Fi, or you can use any camera connected to your computer.

Batonchik, 2012-08-05

I use d-link 2230 (although frames dropped out on Wi-Fi when writing to network storage)
and I’m quite satisfied

keylase, 2012-08-05

In my opinion, the best thing you can take in terms of price / quality ratio and, moreover, from the SOHO class is D-link dcs-932l or dcs-942l

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