Kirill Gorelov2017-05-22 11:57:52
Kirill Gorelov, 2017-05-22 11:57:52

Advice on optimizing the work of the parser on php and the server?

Wrote an aggregator of articles from 5 different sites.
The parser works once a minute for different sites.
That is, 5 different parsers are launched per minute.
Parsers are written in php.
And I have a server on ubuntu with 2GB of RAM on an open kvz configuration.
And the control panel.
And in the panel, I see the load on my server, which gives me a message.
Can you tell me if these are normal?
Can this be improved somehow?
What to pay attention to?
The fact is that in the near future I will only increase the number of parsers, so advice to me is extremely necessary.
Total Load
Usage Network Usage

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romy4, 2017-05-22

run once a minute a script that will distribute the launch of 5 parsers during this minute

Shirshov Alexander, 2017-05-22

Indicators are normal, not negative, digital.
One of the main load balancing tools: www.phphighload.com/2013/08/amqp-rabbitmq.html
It will help you when this server is not enough.
Part of the handlers can be painlessly transferred to another.
This will also help to localize profiling, and measure the performance of a single handler.
+ there is a useful trick for parsers, if you can’t get the page (the network is not reliable when parsing), you can simply crash with an error and the task will be returned to the queue.

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