Oleg Yakovenko2011-10-20 14:42:40
Oleg Yakovenko, 2011-10-20 14:42:40

Advice on making life difficult for yourself and licensing issues?

Good day.
The task is to create a 3D model of a couple of rooms with objects inside (thesis in general).
In fact, you can do everything outrageously simple, but I want to study something in parallel.
In principle, I am familiar with the JS part with webgl, though I did not find articles on working with the camera so that you can normally move around the room and center on a specific object there.
I want to make a backend on rails with mongodb (fastened everything with the help of passenger to apache2) and store it in the model database, and there is a description of them, if any.
It's all screwed to an already finished site, so I'll turn on proxying on the main server.
3 questions.
1) How justified is it that I decided to pervert (taking into account the fact that I will study webgl + ruby ​​+ rails, which is quite useful for me)
2) Are there any good books / articles on WEBGL and more in-depth studies rails other than Agile Web Development with Rails (4th edition) Beta 13 (2011), and do I really need it.
3) From the point of view of licensing, with such a set of tools, if then everything goes up on a real site and works, is there any chance that they will take me for F, for the free use of all this stuff? And if so, what should I change to?

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dbmaster, 2011-10-21

If you really want it, you can.
Ruby, mongodb technologies make sense.
Try writing code. In-depth study only in practice + you can read the source codes themselves.
The technologies listed are mostly MIT/Apache.
But who owns the thesis - you need to look in the labor code. In the case of the employer by default (if there are no contracts), the code written during working hours on the work computer belongs to the employer. In Belarus, at one time, I did not find an article that indicated what would happen in the case of a university and a thesis.
My advice is to work and study as much as you want. If you get something sensible, you can always agree and share (as in the Social Network). success.

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