Artem2015-06-26 13:44:18
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Artem, 2015-06-26 13:44:18

Advice on choosing a "color reader" (fb2, epub, pdf, etc.). Options?

In connection with the untimely death of the tablet, which was used only as a reader, a worthy replacement is being sought for the deceased in order to while away his free time in the continuous improvement of the healer's skills.
Basic requirements
- will be used only as a reader
- necessarily multi-format (epub, fb2, pdf, etc.)
- preferably a color screen (medical literature contains color illustrations, so b / w is not an option, but without fish ...) - the
duration of an autonomous work and the ability to charge via usb (the tablet, paradoxically, was charged only from the outlet).
The ideal option (which I have chosen at this moment) is PocketBook Color Lux, but the reviews are contradictory everywhere.
I hope for sound advice and help in choosing

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Vitaly Pukhov, 2015-06-26

the color screen is complete crap, no autonomy is out of the question, 6 hours maximum

Yuri Shikanov, 2015-06-26

Take an iPad, you can read on it for probably 10 hours without recharging, the screen is of high quality.

John Smith, 2015-06-29

For medical literature and scans, only tablets with a large diagonal, the rest is eyeballing. And consider one such model - a samsung laptop about 12. something-there.

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