iamsaint2011-10-05 15:17:03
iamsaint, 2011-10-05 15:17:03

Advertising over wi-fi

Good afternoon.
There is a task to show a page with advertising when a user connects to a wifi hotspot.
Advertising should be shown the first time the user accesses http, then, until the end of the current day, the user does not see ads. Please advise implementation options

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Ivan Tikhonov, 2011-10-05

0. Check if there is a mac connected in the database, if there is, do nothing, if not, go to step 1
1. For any http or https request, redirect to a page with advertising, where we redirect to the requested page by counter or pop-up window.
2. We write down the mac connected to the database.
3. After 24 hours, we erase the poppy from the base
. Well, that's right, the first thing that came to mind.

yandex, 2011-10-05

If you haven't bought hotspot hardware yet, you can look at UBIQUITI UniFi. There, in the guest network, when you try to connect, you get to the authorization page, and only once (during the validity period of the key). Well, you can light advertising to it.

polevsl, 2011-10-05

It is possible for any http or https request to be redirected to a page with advertising, and from there to the request site. Set cookies until the end of the day.
I went with another browser - watch ads again. But the solution is simple enough.

yandex, 2011-10-05

damn)) screw

Vitaly Peretyatko, 2011-10-06

For many routers, there is software for Captive Portal - this is the name of the technology you need. You write what kind of equipment you have available, the implementation may depend on this ...

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