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password22, 2019-05-20 16:01:41

Advertising on Yandex Direct, thousands of impressions and no clicks, why?

Hello. Launched an advertising campaign for the sale of spare parts for hoverboards. We collected semantics, collected negative words, and the result was 0.
We found the first reason for such a number of impressions - these are impressions not only in search, but also on different sites (in networks). Disabled. Impressions are now only in the search.
They changed key phrases, put operators like quotation marks on them, etc., in order to concretize requests. It didn't help either.
Even if there is a certain number of clicks, there were 3-4 orders from them. everything (and please do not write that this is something wrong with the site, it was checked 100 times, not only from the technical side, the problem is not in it)
Tell me, what could be the problem, what should be paid more attention in general?
I have never had anything to do with advertising in direct, I have no experience in setting up

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Alex-1917, 2019-05-20

1300r? inexpensive for valuable experience.

Alexey Denisov, 2019-05-20

In Yandex.Direct, unfortunately, there is no magic button that would launch ads and ensure sales. You need to understand that despite the seeming simplicity, contextual advertising is a complex mechanism that requires careful tuning, deep study, analysis and constant optimization. It will not be possible to launch advertising campaigns that would bring sales on your own without any experience and knowledge. Just as it will not be possible to build a house with building materials, but not having an idea of ​​​​how to put what out of them.
The reasons may be in the semantic core, ad texts, rates, settings. Any mistake in one of these options can immediately significantly reduce the level of sales. And the site has a huge impact as well. It is important not only its technical performance, but also usability, user friendliness. And, of course, prices, differences from competitors, terms of delivery and payment. Therefore, one comment cannot reveal everything, make a diagnosis and direct it on the right path.
Contact a specialist. An agency, a freelancer, but someone who specializes in such tasks and will not make a lot of simple mistakes. This means that you will save significant money and recoup the cost of your services.

Alx Dayv, 2019-05-20

To begin with, they did the right thing by turning off the display in networks - this is the first rule in general, to divide search and YAN.
secondly, I would advise you to forget (archive) this campaign in general and re-upload it on a new one. Having previously divided by region (MSK, St. Petersburg, Russia), at least, it is possible according to the fed. divide districts. Be sure to look at the statistics, search phrases - maybe you didn’t get enough minuses, maybe the display position is low ... you need to look at the statistics, figure it out.

Dmitry Dart, 2019-05-21

A low CTR indicates that you still badly downvoted requests. Surely, if you look at the statistics, there are either extraneous requests, or requests with the same spelling, but a different meaning. Conventionally, you gave an overgrowth for the phrase "spare wheels" and they are not only for hoverboards but also for bicycles, motorcycles, cars.
Secondly, you should not wait for a wave of orders right away, the topic is very narrow, orders from direct here will most likely be measured in pieces.

Winterfel, 2019-07-24

You need the services of a normal director, given that you have no experience in setting up advertising campaigns in Yandex.Direct, as you yourself write. Above, the person correctly noted that the search direct and RTB on YAN sites must be separated. There are completely different settings. Here, you can briefly read: https://mmanual.biz/obuchayushchie-kursy/kursy-po-... there is just about the differences in setting up YAN from advertising on the search.

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