CBR8882020-02-18 15:06:52
CBR888, 2020-02-18 15:06:52

Advertising of the program, exchange of installs?

Hello, I’m trying to figure out how people distribute their computer programs
through regular advertising in google ads or Yandex direct, it’s very expensive and not very effective, I often come across that I need to use install exchanges, but searching the Internet, I found information about 8 companies that don’t really make contact , with advertising of goods or services, it is becoming easier to use teaser networks, etc., which arbitrageurs love, but with software advertising, the problem is, what methods or platforms are effective, except for spam

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Oleg, 2020-02-18

TA - target audience
CPI - Price for attracting a user who installed the application.
ARPU - Average revenue per user (In the simplest case, the price of the application)
Conversion - Installs per purchase for a freemium model or a trial/full pair.
It can also be used as an indicator of a paid user who bought the program (Paid version).
In general, promotion is the process of finding the most profitable ratio of Income / Costs for you.
Common to all: The greatest benefit comes from independent search engine optimization for a narrow target audience. But further growth is only with a loss of efficiency. Like, well, I saw your ad, clicked,
set, and this is not what I thought up for myself after reading the ad block. Demolished. He poured out his negativity.

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