flexboxer2020-05-10 18:03:58
flexboxer, 2020-05-10 18:03:58

Advertising in social networks?

People, the question is, can I set up advertising for clients from one of my pages for different people different ads? or do I only need to configure their own product through their own page?

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Maks251, 2020-05-13

Better from their account.
1) it will be easier for you not to get confused in budgets and statistics
2) For example, FB can ban your account if you advertise different products from one account

Puma Thailand, 2020-05-10

Through them

oc_lamer, 2020-05-11

If we are talking about VKontakte, then they add you to the group as an advertiser and advertise from your account, or they can give you access to their RK. Next, go to your RK and in the upper corner, click on the Personal Account and choose from whose RK you work.

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