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Yarosh841, 2014-12-09 00:58:25

Advertising in contact, setting the cost per click?

How does setting a CPC affect an ad? if I put 0.01 p in the settings, will the ad go through? will it be visible to users?

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Vadim Kyssa, 2014-12-09

The lower the price, the less likely it is that someone will see the ad. With this price, there will be no impressions :)

Elena, 2014-12-09

No, ads with a higher price will be shown first.

Yarosh841, 2014-12-09

and if you specify in the settings the village where it is unlikely that anyone set up advertising at all? and the price of 1r per click is normal for VK?

Puma Thailand, 2014-12-10

VK uses an auction multiplied by CTR
, roughly speaking, your impression points at the very beginning are equal to the average CTR for the system multiplied by the price
. Prices are taken into account by targeting.
As a result, the higher your CTR, the lower the price you can set, the CTR is increased by the quality of the picture and ad + the most accurate targeting.
At one time, I bought traffic with a CTR of 30% for a penny, simply because for everyone else it was below three percent.

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