OWIII2020-10-01 06:58:57
OWIII, 2020-10-01 06:58:57

Advantages of WordPress for landing page?

Hello comrades. Is there any point in using cms if a ready-made template is not used and the admin panel is not needed?
That is, this is a static landing, in which the data will change, conditionally, once a year.
Is there any other benefit from WordPress besides the admin panel, templates, plugins, etc.?

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approximate solution, 2020-10-01

more profit from WordPress besides the admin panel, templates, plugins, etc.?

Yes, if you don't know how to properly lazy-load content, lazy-load content and other useful things - plugins can do all this out of the box. Many will say that all this is necessary only for promotion, and you don’t have to worry about landing. But - a well-designed and optimized landing page gives a better chance for sales than the shit that you posted on the network and did not bother to finish off in terms of usability. Everything is loaded in 5 seconds, if the client has a bad connection, it may not load stupidly. All this affects the decision-making rate.
If you "know how to play" in usability, you can configure all this manually in the code, then cms will not give you anything bad, and will not give you good - just lose a little time for landing, binding fields, initial setup.

Anton Litvinenko, 2020-10-01

For a static layout landing wordpress as for me is not needed. Unless for the feedback form, which you will have to set up for statics yourself, but this is not so difficult, we use the PHPMailer class, there are a lot of tutorials on it.
For statics, there are admin panels for changing content, for example, an interesting project Textolite

Vladimir Druzhaev, 2020-10-01

What do front-end developers need now to make up a landing page, which they filled out once and for life - do they need CMS now?
Translate the word CMS (yes, lan - I myself: Content Management System, that is, "Content Management System").
And you don't need it here - because. you won't have a content management task.
ps The average lifetime of a site is 3 years. So not for life, but for a third ...

Vladislav Lyskov, 2020-10-01

No profit at all

denn, 2020-10-01

for an ordinary LP, this is just a huge fat minus.

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