NewTypes2013-12-22 19:12:10
NewTypes, 2013-12-22 19:12:10

Advantages of NEC monitors?

The question arose of buying a good monitor for "entertainment" and not very range of tasks: photos, films (rarely), daily viewing of various videos, working with software. First of all, you need a monitor with good color reproduction and minimal eye damage. I'm interested in the opinion of professionals (designers, photographers, etc.) - what are NEC monitors superior to, for example, the same HP, provided that the characteristics are identical? Are there differences other than brand weight and all that comes with it? Based on what criteria is the pricing of monitors produced by this brand based?
By superior, I meant the price - that is, I don’t know how things really are.

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esc, 2013-12-23

In this particular case, a lot of money for a brand + a good matrix (ips can be different) + all sorts of bells and whistles, such as a light sensor. Well, CCFL backlight instead of LED gives more uniform illumination and more accurate color reproduction. But it still needs to be noticed.
For this money, I would recommend 30 "DELL or HP. The aspect ratio is more convenient for work + all such monitors are made on good matrices and with CCFL. Decide for yourself whether you need a light sensor and all sorts of multimedia bells and whistles. I would not take it.

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