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OnYourLips, 2017-11-26 16:52:02

Advanced power bank box with balancing?

This question is not of the habr format, but of the gigtimes format.
Tell me a good box for a power bank for 18650 batteries
1. With balancing, not parallel connection of batteries.
2. With the output of charging / discharging information, including information for each battery separately.
3. (Highly desirable) With the possibility of simultaneous charge and discharge, to work as a stabilization.
4. (Highly recommended) Quick Charge 3.
5. (Desirable) 12 volt input for faster charging.
6. (Preferred) Raw battery output.

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lonelymyp, 2017-11-27

As close as possible, a car jump starter fits this
1 - there are
2 - partially, i.e. a common indicator for 3 batteries
3 - it seems yes, but I'm not sure, I need to check. 4 - it's easy to do it yourself by adding a small handkerchief inside the
qc3 controller
5 - yes
6 - yes

veydlin, 2017-11-30

Look here www.ti.com/power-management/battery-management/cha...
Choose sorting by price and look from the most expensive, they are heaped up by the most I don’t want to
Buy here eu.mouser.com
They work with physicists, the components are always of high quality

pfg21, 2017-11-27

too many features in one.
a simple layman does not need this, which means that the Chinese do not stamp this.
assemble from modules, but you have to work with pens

EduMaly, 2017-12-02

I have a power bank from Tesla, this, of course, is a beast. Yes, it costs a lot, but enough for 4 charges. I bought it a little cheaper than anywhere else, on Avito, completely new, only from my hands.

Mnegra, 2017-12-30

I have a Nomi for 4500 mAh, I have enough to recharge two phones completely. I bought it on Avito (but new, in the package, everything is as it should be), an excellent power bank.

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