lavmax2013-02-10 03:27:46
Layouts and prototypes
lavmax, 2013-02-10 03:27:46

Advanced mockup/prototyping tool?

Is there an advanced prototyping tool where you can add your own image, move, rotate, compress, etc., and then remove the parameters from it: coordinates, angle, scale, compression, twisting? Needed for game prototyping.
What I met, simple mockups, do not allow this. Xcode IB would do, but there is no rotation or scale. Canvas in Adobe Flash Pro is ideal, but the price is not at all a mockup. Mac is preferred, but Win is also available. Can be paid. Maybe some IDE has this?

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botsvein, 2013-02-11

adobe design? adobe fireworks?

lavmax, 2013-04-25


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