m0ps2012-02-29 10:36:46
m0ps, 2012-02-29 10:36:46

Advanced mail monitoring system

Please tell me a mail monitoring system that allows you to view through the web interface who, when, to whom, and what was sent by mail, with the ability to search by various criteria, incl. and the content of the letter.
The system should be able to work with postfix, be under *nix, and it would be very good if it was free, although it can be paid.

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livinger, 2012-02-29

how do people here respect the laws on personal correspondence ... I
remind you that within the framework of companies, it also operates.

perl_demon, 2012-02-29

who, when, to whom can be viewed in the logs. But the content is more difficult. I think we need to look for some postfix service that will collect such statistics.

shadowalone, 2012-02-29

Postfix has this option:
always_bcc = [email protected]
Use it. and all passing mail will be added to this box.
Further, any normal web face for mail with normal search. Almost all of them are allowed.

Mikhail Lyalin, 2012-02-29

“one user claims that he sent a letter with certain content, and the second says that there was no such thing” - maybe, move away from mail monitoring towards employee motivation

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