Cassadyio2019-06-09 23:04:42
Cassadyio, 2019-06-09 23:04:42

Advanced HTML books?

Good day.
I have been studying front-end development for over a year now and now I want to improve my knowledge of HTML. What books/courses would you recommend? There is the word "advanced" in the topic title, but I'm not sure if this epithet can be attributed to HTML. In any case, I would like to read more about semantic layout, important attributes, how to improve page accessibility and stuff like that.
Thank you.

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Vladimir, 2019-06-10

The book is unlikely. And that suits your needs perfectly.
Habr.com You drive
in the search = "Digest of fresh materials from the world of the front-end for the last week"
And you start to study articles, starting with some issue with the html tag, there are also about Performance:
Accessibility and so on. You will find a bunch of everything, from different authors. = but 80%+ in English.
A new issue has just been released, you can check out the content.

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