Lex Fradski2015-01-11 20:32:35
Lex Fradski, 2015-01-11 20:32:35

Advanced customization of the Toster feed through tags or how to remove unnecessary ones?

At the moment, I am subscribed to a toaster for a certain number of fairly "wide" tags, under which information that I absolutely do not need often crawls. For example, I'm interested in the Android feed, but I'm not programming for this OS and the entries from the Android Development feed, which are mostly marked with both Android and Android Development tags, do not bring me anything useful at all. I did not find in the interface how to hide from the tape obviously not needed. (In fact, I need to add a subscription +"android*" -"android development".)

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Vitaly Sorokin, 2015-01-12

There are already some considerations regarding the “detailed” settings of the personal feed, I think we will figure out how to solve this problem in the near future. Thanks for the question!

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