Andrey Glukhovskoy2021-12-01 03:04:55
Andrey Glukhovskoy, 2021-12-01 03:04:55

Advanced custom fields - how to change content on button click?

There are three colors to choose from (implemented by buttons), grey, pink and white (each button has a value with a color name). How can I change the content of the block using Advanced custom fields if gray color is selected? But when clicking on white, the content changed to a different value?


<p>Выберите цвет:</p>
  // переменные
  $colors = get_field('cveta');
  // проверка и вывод кнопок с цветами
  if( $colors ): ?>
  <div class="choice-color">
    <?php foreach( $colors as $color ): ?>
    <button class="<?php echo $color; ?>" value="<?php echo $color; ?>"></button>
    <?php endforeach; ?>
<?php endif; ?>
<div class="output">
//Если нажимаем на серую кнопку
//Показать блок 1
//Если нажимаем на серебрянную кнопку
//Показать блок 2, скрыв остальные блоки

Thank you in advance.

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