veronika6662020-10-25 22:22:33
Google Ads
veronika666, 2020-10-25 22:22:33

Advanced courses on Google Ads?

Hello. I'm trying to find deeper courses, articles, lectures on google ads not for beginners. I understand that I need to develop further, but I just can’t find suitable materials, everything is only for beginners. Maybe someone knows what training materials are available for experienced marketers?

Thanks in advance)

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Alexey Denisov, 2020-10-26

Courses and articles will be mainly for beginners. If you already have some knowledge and experience, it is better to plunge into the very environment of specialists, channels where live communication and exchange of experience take place. Telegram is very good in this regard.
For example, try reading and chatting in the channels:
Tatiana Mikhalchenko's @ppc_analytics channel periodically posts good collections of articles, including those not for beginners.

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