KirillDE2012-04-16 16:17:22
KirillDE, 2012-04-16 16:17:22

ADSL Router for Small Office (Solved)

The office has 7 computers, 5 network printers and 1 NAS. A possible increase in the number of network devices is planned. + Wi-Fi is used for smartphones of employees (usually no more than 3 at a time).

Looking for an inexpensive (up to 6000r) ADSL router with WI-FI (preferably 300).

We tried the Cisco WAG160n, but with it, computers on the network are not accessible by name (“ping pc01” - the request is sent to the provider’s DNS server), and this is necessary for the application to work.

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TyzhSysAdmin, 2012-04-16

Solving the "pussy" problem
1) Log into your routers web configuration GUI and stay on the "Basic Setup" page.
2) Scroll down to "Optional Settings" and in the "Host Name" and "Domain Name" boxes, put a single space character (This is important because leaving it blank will not work!!)
3) Save settings
4) Refresh all of the connections on your networked computers so that they receive new DHCP connection information.

jov, 2012-04-16

Alternatively, choose any model from this list of supported hardware with adsl, flash OpenWrt and that's it. Having a full-fledged linux on board, the functionality of the router is limited only by your imagination.

----, 2012-04-16

TP-Link 1043ND ($70-80)
Asus RT-N 16 ($100-110)
Both of these routers have good alternative firmware: DD-WRT, Gargoyle or Tomato
Plus USB ports for print server, QoS, etc. …

----, 2012-04-16

To be available by name, there must be a WINS server on the network ... or bind the MAC and IP addresses of computers in the router ... And everything works.

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