Denis2015-11-30 22:55:16
network hardware
Denis, 2015-11-30 22:55:16

ADSL modem admin panel redirect, how to organize?

There is an ADSL modem zyxel P-660RT through which a PPPoE Bridge bridge is configured on a tp-link 1043nd router. (That is, the PPPoE link is raised not by the modem, but by the router) with DD-WRT firmware on the modem on the router so that there is no conflict. But sometimes I need to get access to the admin panel of the ADSL modem itself. For example, on a PC you write and you get the modem admin panel. And on leave the admin panel of the router.
How to implement it? is it possible to?

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Alexander, 2015-11-30

Well, make a static address and a mask on the interface where the modem is connected. Log in to your modem at

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