sarkisssik2019-05-31 19:11:32
Google Adsense
sarkisssik, 2019-05-31 19:11:32

Adsense click ads. How to find a suspicious IP?

Hello. The number of clicks on ads has sharply increased today (approximately x10). It immediately became suspicious.
Disabled ads for a while, notified adsense.
I'm making a request to the server to display a real-time request log and I can't figure out which IPs are suspicious in this case.
What IP to look for and is there any point in banning and doing something?

watch "tail -n 500 /var/www/httpd-logs/access.log | cut -d' ' -f1 | sort | uniq -c | sort -gr"


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Dimonchik, 2019-05-31

for inserting a picture in hell - a separate boiler
check the fingerprint and bot parameters

sarkisssik, 2019-06-01

In general, maybe someone will be useful.
These ip ranges are clicked, so I blocked them and it seems to have stopped

Deny from 83.97.116.
Deny from 83.97.117.
Deny from 83.97.118.
Deny from 83.97.119.
Deny from 178.20.28.
Deny from 178.20.29.
Deny from 178.20.30.
Deny from 178.20.31.

The company is called FOTON telecom

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