Sergey Vasiliev2015-12-30 23:25:09
Google Adsense
Sergey Vasiliev, 2015-12-30 23:25:09

Adsense blocks are not displayed correctly, how to correct?

Good evening,
There is a small blog on WP, installed a plugin from Google called Adsense.
In the Mozilla browser, all blocks are displayed correctly, but in Chrome, half of the blocks are simply not there.
I can't figure out what the problem is, could you suggest a solution?

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Mr Crabbz, 2015-12-31

Almighty Gates and the late Jobs .... Well, when will you understand that psychics are fiction? How GENERALLY IN PRINCIPLE really diagnose your problem without a link, a code listing or, in the worst case, at least a screenshot ?! Well, you, damn it, can you repair a car without the presence of the car itself, purely on the question of "damn, why doesn't it go"?

Sergey Ostrov, 2015-12-31

I had problems with this plugin too. I switched to Quick Adsense. Try it.

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