K1ald2021-06-29 10:25:26
K1ald, 2021-06-29 10:25:26

Ads won't start in Yandex.Games?

I recently found out that Google Play has a good alternative in the form of Yandex.Games, so I decided to go into some kind of game and please the developer by deliberately launching ads, but it doesn’t work.

Imagine, I can't run ads even when I WANT to watch it, what can we say about those who don't want to?
I have the AdBlock extension but I disabled it (advertising still does not work), maybe there is something else?
Browser Google Chrome.

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Yaroslav Kudrin, 2021-07-07

I think that it's just that Yandex.Games advertising is not cross-platform, i.e. only shown on the phone.

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