2015-12-31 00:57:55
, 2015-12-31 00:57:55

Ads in Android widgets?

Hello !
I have a small application which is a widget for android devices. It is distributed free of charge and does not imply any sales within itself. The question arose of how to monetize it (at least a little bit). It was decided to turn to advertising. But ! Rummaging in the market, I did not find a single widget that would have advertising. All sorts of suspicions began to creep in on this. How will Google react to advertising in the widget and will it ban me for such arbitrariness?
So maybe someone knows an alternative way to monetize for this application?
Thank you !

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Satisfied IT, 2015-12-31

Would you like ads in a widget yourself? Most likely not and you would remove/replace it. So draw your own conclusions. Maybe it's better to take out part of the functionality from the widget, by type - we want to see something more than in the widget - we open the application, and there you can already advertise.

Ivan, 2015-12-31

Plus it will be banned by antivirus vendors

Nicholas, 2016-01-16

full screen ads! (banner or video intro) but for widgets it is worth enabling only if there are a lot of installations! + will be deleted ((
you can try to include ads once a week, three days, a day)
depending on how much money you need, you don’t feel sorry for users.
Good luck!

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