Andrew2015-08-13 11:32:09
Andrew, 2015-08-13 11:32:09

ADOdb.Prepared queries.How to do??

Good afternoon, Lord)
By the will of fate, I had to deal with such a thing as ADODB.
There is nothing complicated, but a small question arose, how to fix a prepared query?
At the docks, all work is done directly. Which, in my humble opinion, is not good, because it is not safe.
Found this on the net:

$rs = $db->Execute('select * from table where val=?', array('10'));

But I don’t like it, because I want revelry and fun with bindparams and placeholders))
Is there such an opportunity for this library ?? (I didn’t find anything sane)
Or should I do it and not bother?
Thank you for your time.

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