igapeka2020-02-15 02:52:14
Layouts and prototypes
igapeka, 2020-02-15 02:52:14

Adobe XD Win10. How to write a beautiful prototype preview?

I write down previews through Win+G. The title of the preview window remains on the video. I understand that you can crop it later, but is there a way to record without it somehow right away? Because every time it takes a long time to sprinkle with your hands, and it’s not quite a pixel-perfect if, for example, you need to insert a video into a phone mockup.

And also a cursor. On the poppy, everything is jerry-veri - you turn on the recording and the cursor becomes round, and it animates clicks. And on Windows, the standard arrow and finger. For visualization of mobile applications, no ice. I googled as best I could. I found a post of one guy, he suggests creating a custom cursor (!) And adding it to Windows directly. This is of course an elegant perversion, as I like, but again, it takes a long time and does not solve the problem 100%.

How do you solve these problems, if at all? (Do not offer to buy poppy))

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