Tesai2020-05-17 11:44:30
Web development
Tesai, 2020-05-17 11:44:30

Adobe web and sites?

Such a question: if you make a design in Photoshop / after effect (pirated) for a site, then sell such a site to a person.
Can he then be asked to present some documents on the legal use of programs from Adobe.
I just never heard of sites being monitored and checked for pirated programs whether they were made or not.

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archelon, 2020-05-17

No. Ready, so to speak, the product does not leave any traces of the use of pirated programs.

Andrew, 2020-05-17

Precedents are only for legal entities. persons, when a check fails in the office and starts checking licenses for all software. For individuals, the tax is worse.

chief, 2020-05-17

A person buys the result of work from you (i.e. a website). How you did it is only known to you. How should the customer know? Maybe you drew pixel by pixel in paint?
Even if by some miracle some inspector is brought to him, he can only redirect him to you. And then everything is in your hands. If the check comes to you and starts checking software and licenses, you can get a fine.
But the chance of just such a combination of circumstances is so small that everyone just doesn't give a damn. Once on YouTube I saw a video of an IT specialist who was caught installing St. Petersburg software for a sum of about $ 2000 (such as a customer-trap). So, a court was appointed, but neither Microsoft nor Adobe nor other vendors even responded to the notification letter).
I mean, for large companies + - one license - a drop in the ocean, and they won't even twitch. Even in the case of a proven violation.
Now, if the amount of damage is already several million, then it's another matter. Then the fine should pay for both court costs, and lawyers and the work of inspectors as well.
Therefore, if the so-called. The "culprit" is not at all able to pay for this entire banquet - no one will ever come to him. Well, except for some complaint of an individual who was offended. And even that is unlikely :)
From my own experience I can say that I saw the test only once. Came on a tip (to a large firm). Only a couple of dozen license stickers on the system units in the main office were missing (out of over 10,000 PCs for all branches). They issued a small fine and ordered to buy licenses. Everything. They didn't even turn on the computers.
So if you have pirated software for less than 5k greens, I wouldn't worry.

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