Bright2013-03-01 21:55:57
Bright, 2013-03-01 21:55:57

Adobe Reader for Android: exporting or at least navigating notes in PDF?

Probably a stupid question, but... Adobe Reader for Android has the ability to leave notes in a file:
But is it possible to view all the left notes later (except by scrolling through the document and looking for the note icons in it)?
Searched the entire interface, but did not find anything similar.

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amc, 2013-03-01

The answer is probably stupid, but doesn't it write them directly to a file?
If so, then on the desktop, you can probably look ...
I checked - yes, it writes directly to a file, but there is definitely no way to search for them in the android version.
I need to try other pdf readers...

amc, 2013-03-01

Aldiko Premium seems to be able to leave his comments and then go through them, but reading PDFs to her is another torment

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