Aza Broflovski2018-01-31 20:57:26
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Aza Broflovski, 2018-01-31 20:57:26

Adobe Premiere Pro no audio track and no some video formats?

Good day !
I installed windows 10 and after installing the video card drivers, I immediately installed adobe premiere pro for myself and immediately tested it: uploaded the video, everything was fine, uploaded the video in avi format and again everything was fine. In short, no problem. A day later I had to reinstall windows. I immediately installed the video card drivers again and installed premiere pro, BUT now the program does not want to work with the AVI format, mp4 works but without sound, when I import the video to mp4 the video shows but without an audio track, I'm wondering why this happened? The first time I installed it it worked, but when I reinstalled it it stopped working.

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Aza Broflovski, 2021-05-18

Many years have passed, suddenly someone will help. If you have about the same situation with the track, no matter what video format and obvious things like clearing the cache, checking for codecs, installing codecs, updating drivers, etc. do not help, just reinstall Premier Pro, this will solve your problem if you have there really is no problem with the above things.

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