mib2019-11-04 12:53:36
mib, 2019-11-04 12:53:36

Adobe premiere: How to detect scenes with a still camera?

I need to mark in Adobe Premiere the places where the camera is stationary and the places where the camera is moving or focusing. I would like it to be a graph above the video track showing the percentage difference between adjacent frames. With a still camera, it will be about 60%, since something is happening in the frame anyway.
And when moving or focusing the camera - almost 100%.
I've been trying to figure out the adobe premiere sdk - but there doesn't seem to be an option to create helper elements with graphs. And there is no way to analyze downloaded tracks. Only filters, imports, something else.
The option to cut video in another software is not very convenient.
I understand c / c ++, but I can’t figure out how to approach such a task.
Thanks in advance for advice

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mib, 2019-12-09

I came up with a solution, quite ok:
I wrote a utility that reads video using OpenCV, removes points from the frame that coincided with the points of the previous frame, and counts the remaining points. The number of remaining points is the amount of dynamics in the frame. And in order to display this in AdobePremiere, the utility creates a wav file where it draws a graph in proportion to the number of points

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