Gabs2014-07-13 20:47:44
Adobe Illustrator
Gabs, 2014-07-13 20:47:44

Adobe Illustrator. Strong point - creating logos?

I recently started working on this program, in general I really like it because of vector graphics and artboards, but I didn’t find normal web design lessons online. Is this due to the fact that mostly professionals who are already familiar with Photoshop work in Illustrator, or does Illustrator really work only with icons and logos? Naturally, I understand that if you wish, you can make a good layout in it, but is it possible to use some other program for this purpose?

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DoRcK, 2014-07-13

Usually, design studios use several applications at once, absorbing all the necessary functionality needed for the project. I know people who do projects in Illustrator and they are very good. But still, most people use PS for layout design.

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