Anton2019-09-24 12:32:30
Adobe Illustrator
Anton, 2019-09-24 12:32:30

Adobe Illustrator, coloring part of the object, how to solve the problem with the contour?

There is an object, I want to color a separate part of it, but so that it does not crawl out of the contours of the object.
What I do is create a second object, trace that part on 1 object, then select both of them and click, in the Pathfinder window, on the intersection.
The first object disappears, but I make a copy of it so that it remains, and here is what I get.
Everything worked out, part of the object was painted, but there is a but, the orange outline of 1 object is visible, how to remove it so that it is not visible?
It's barely visible, but it's clear why it happened, maybe I'm doing it wrong.

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DarkWood, 2019-09-24

This is unfortunately normal behavior for Illustrator. In many cases, after exporting, you will not see anything extra. If you still see or want to remove it in the program, then apply the Effect> Path> Offset Path effect to the light figure with a positive offset of 0.1 pixel. Or to the orange figure the same effect, but with a negative offset.

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