Iriney Kalachev2014-04-07 18:03:16
Iriney Kalachev, 2014-04-07 18:03:16

Adobe Illustrator CC - why don't hotkeys work in Russian layout?

Win 8, Illustrator CC 17.0.1 and 17.1.0 (update didn't help)
In Illustrator CC hotkeys don't work when Russian layout is enabled, you have to constantly switch to English. Moreover, all shortcuts related to tools and some actions refuse to work - for example, the banal switching of cursors (V and A) works only in the English layout, or working with stroke and fill (X and Shift + X).
But all shortcuts that use Ctrl work regardless of the layout.
Has anyone experienced something similar?

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Alexander Karabanov, 2014-04-07

This bug has been dragging through all products for years and, to be honest, if it is removed, I personally will feel uncomfortable. Solved by adding a new layout. Here , in my opinion, is the correct recipe, but there is nothing to check ...

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